Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Quick Trip

Hubby and I made a quick unscheduled trip to Orillia yesterday afternoon.  Mom in law had been staying with us and wasn't planning on returning home until Saturday.  Her daughter and caregiver went to a wedding and, although she was going to be home yesterday, the plan was to give her a few days to rest.  However, Mom was anxious to get back to her own bed so off we went.
The house seems empty now we are, once again, one person less.  Our little Heidi dog misses the extra lap to sit on.
Fortunately, we have lots to keep us busy.  We picked up our chickens from the butcher's and got them sorted and divided between ourselves and our poultry raising partner.  We now have a freezer overflowing with free range chicken.  Some will be sold but the rest will provide us with nutritious meals.  We have a number of turkeys which will join them in a bit.  They, along with the garden produce, should keep us fed for the winter.
Tomorrow is my turn to stall the Arts and Craft Center in the village.  I am getting a hand applique project ready to take as we usually have a fair bit of non busy time. This block is the last one needed for a quilt top. I then have four applique blocks of another project to do and that one will be finished.
The trees outside my studio window are showing a lot of colour so I am spending more time than usual gazing outside.

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