Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beware the Exploding Egg

Have you ever had an egg explode in your hand?  I haven't but my husband experiences it every time the temperature drops down to frigid.  The reason?  Frozen eggs.  I guess when they touch his warm hand it causes some sort of reaction and they explode.  Fortunately, the contents are solid so no mess.
I had an egg explode for an entirely opposite reason.
It happened a number of years ago when I was fairly new to the function and reaction of a microwave oven.  I had boiled an egg but it wasn't cooked quite enough so I broke it into a small melmac (those unbreakable dishes), pierced the yolk a couple of times and put it into the microwave; setting the time for a minute.  When I removed the dish, I heard a sound and I said to my husband " listen, it's still cooking'.  I barely finished speaking when there was a loud bang.  I screamed and jumped.  The plate and egg exploded sending both all around the room.  There was egg on the ceiling, on my glasses (which, thankfully, I was wearing) and on the floor.  I guess a minute was way too long.

I have got back to work on my frame quilt this morning and am back at where I was before I had to unstitch.  Took me a while getting there as my thread kept breaking.  I have learnt to stop and do some thorough checking rather than just rethread every few inches.  I put in a new needle.  Cleaned everything including the bobbin case and runners.  Everything is now running ticketyboo.
Speaking of which, have you tried Tri Flow Lubricant for cleaning your machine.  this product was made for cleaning the sprockets on a bicycle and it works marvellously for a sewing machine.  It cleans without oiling which is good for those with new non oil machines.  Just a small drop on a Q Tip removes all the dust and dirt from around the bobbin and other areas.  Your machine will thank you.

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