Friday, February 7, 2014


I am cutting out squares for my tulip blocks today.  I am doing each section i.e. the pot and putting the pieces in a small baggie.  Once I get everything cut out, I can start sewing.  Having them in the little marked bags will make it easier to take and work on at quilt group.  Also, if I have to do something else for a bit, it will be a lot simpler to restart.  I originally started this quilt top at least a month ago but had to put it away.  When I got it out and looked at all the squares I had precut, I didn't know what most of them where for.  I had to measure them to know if they were to be used as is or were part of a half square triangle.
I probably should also get something ready to applique as I am sure we will be watching the Olympics which means more TV time.
The photo below was this morning's breakfast.  Believe it or not, it was made from one egg; a massive one as you can see in the other photo.  I think we have a chicken that thinks it is a goose.  Or a goose masquerading as a chicken.


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