Tuesday, February 25, 2014


What happened to Friday?  I just noticed that I didn't post anything.  I guess the day just spend by and was over before I realized it had begun.  No idea what I did so it couldn't have been anything exciting.

Today, I am working on my least favourite type of quilting.  I was asked to make 25 mini quilts as gifts for a family celebration and they will need to be appliqued by machine.  I don't like machine applique.  If I have to applique, I prefer doing it by hand.  However, time constrains mean that I have to cut out all those little templates and then trace and cut the little pieces.  The pattern itself is fun to assemble so it isn't as dreary as it might have been.
I think that is what I was probably doing on Friday: designing the pattern for the mini quilt.  I had to go through all my books and magazines to find something similar that I could use as a base.  Then I sketched out my design and put in the fabric details.  Today, I made a sample and I think it is going to be really cute.  Sorry, that I can't share a photo just yet as I am not sure if the quilts are to be a surprise.  I have really enjoyed working with the customer to include all the little details that will make it special and unique.  She has some great ideas.
I am also working on another quilt, also a commission, that entails machine applique as well as piecing.  This is a simple heart on one block and nine patch on the other.  Again, a deadline means doing the fastest methods.
The mini quilts will need to be done by the end of March and the bigger one a month latter so I have to keep hustling.  My dear husband made lunch for me today so I could get the sample finished.
Always nice to have the support of your mate.

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