Friday, February 14, 2014

War and Peace

Happy Valentine's Day.  My husband and I don't make much of a fuss over the day.  We exchange cards (if we remember to get them) and a small gift and that's that. We feel that every day is special because we are together.
Our snow is starting to melt a bit.  Some of the solar lights that had been hidden are shining through the snow tonight.

I had three things on my to do list today and got them all done.  One was the quilt that was on the frame.  It is done and trimmed and ready for the binding.  As you can see in the photo, my quilt design is double hearts to go with my War and Peace title.  The fabric was all charms, most Civil War reproductions and the blocks were made using the disappearing nine patch pattern.  The blue block you can see on the bottom left was repeated in each corner.  I will post another photo when it is completed.

War and Peace

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