Friday, February 28, 2014

Snow Squalls

If you were on the highway in southern Ontario yesterday, I hope you got home safely.  There was another big pile up, this time with just under a hundred cars on highway 400.  This is the big, six lane road that connects highway 11 to 40l which runs into Toronto.  There was also a lot of road closures.  All this because of blowing snow.  I don't think a week has gone by all winter without roads being shut down somewhere in the central part of the Province.  It is usually the north that deals with the worst of winter but not this year.
As we head into another weekend, the predictions seem to be that this will be the last of the extreme weather.   I am looking forward to being able to walk through the bush again.  I am usually able to do this year round but not this winter.  Too much snow.
I have been able to walk to the rear of the property this week thanks to our excellent snow plow guy.  Heidi and I walk back as far as we could and were able to see the frozen pond.  It would have been nice to look at the various tracks wandering across it but I was glad to be able to at least see the area.
I put some bird seed on the ground near the back of the house yesterday because I can no longer get to the feeder.  There was a frenzy of tiny feet all around the area today.  Birds and little four footed creatures all took advantage of the bounty.
I put out some more seeds today but, this time, they were on an old plastic tray.  I also hung more suet for the jays. Doing what we can to help the critters get through the winter.

I did get some quilting done.  I am cutting out all the pieces for the angel quilts.  Once that is done, I will assemble them on the backgrounds and iron in place.  Then I will be able to do the stitching.

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  1. My daughter works in Peterborough and lives in Port Perry. She was frantic wondering how she was going to get home due to the causeway (Hwy 7) being closed to the Island! She stayed late to work and thankfully everything was calmed down by the time she went through that stretch. I'll be so glad when she moves to Peterborough and doesn't have to do that crazy drive four times a week!