Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shopping and Searching

Busy day shopping.  Had to get groceries, clothing, potting soil and a bunch of other things.  Came back with a car load.  Glad my husband was there to haul and lift.
We are starting our indoor seeds this month in the belief that we will get spring.  We have our own heritage tomato seeds and, last year, they produced more fruit that the plants we bought.
It is still cold and windy here so it wasn't fun going from place to place but at least we have a warm car and home.  And it was nice to get back to the latter and have a nice cup of tea after putting everything away.
I bought the fabric I will need for the two commissioned quilts.  It is always hard to find a specific fabric but I think I have done alright.  Looking forward to getting at the little quilts.
Stay warm.

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  1. I'm heading off to a Seedy Sunday event tomorrow with hopes of refreshing my bean and tomato seed supply.
    Finished the quilt for my new niece or nephew due early this summer. I did it in black, red, burgundy and white prints. It sounds like a wonky combination but the results are quite spectacular due to the nice prints. I just hope they like it.