Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tulip Block

I did a post yesterday but it didn't get published to the site so, today, you have two.

We are getting another heavy snowfall.  It was only supposed to be a centimeter but they were wrong on that.  No matter.  I am inside, there is a kettle of turkey soup simmering on the wood stove and we are nice and warm.
I started work on my tulip blocks yesterday.  I think I will do the background the same on all of them but the tulips and pots will be scrappy.  The pattern isn't difficult but I do have to really pay attention because it is easy to make a mistake. I still have to decide on the fabric for the alternate log cabin blocks.
I am having to unsew a couple of rows of the stitching I did on the quilt that is in the frame.  I noticed yesterday that the backing pleated.  This isn't something that usually happens on a frame so I must have pulled it wrong when I rolled to do the next row.  I'm glad I caught it as soon as I did.

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  1. What alot of small pieces, love the colours you've chosen,