Thursday, October 17, 2013

Zippety Bop

Some days you coast along and, when the night arrives, you feel as though you never accomplished anything.  Other days, everything goes zippety bop and, like the wave of the fairy godmother's wand,  all tasks are completed. 
This has been a zippety bop week.  I've finished the yard work, got my magazine article finished and sent off early and have a good start on the quilt in the frame.  The latter had been causing me some problems with the thread breaking every foot or less of stitching.  I changed the thread, adjusted the tension, made sure everything was lint free all without avail.  This morning I raised the take up rod and, voila, magic wand time again.  The take up rod is the one on which you wind the completed part of the quilt.  It rests on the machine bed and, if it is too low, creates drag. Of course, once I was able to complete a row without problem, the bobbin thread ran out but that was a minor bump.
I have about 15 rows to do and this top will be finished.
I also uploaded two completed quilts to the Quilts for Sale site this morning. One is for Christmas and the other is a baby sized quilt. The site owner hasn't got them loaded yet but when she does I will let you know.  In the meantime, if you are having quilt show withdrawals, take a look at the site.  It is a virtual quilt show you can see from the comfort of your home.  (
Husband went to see the specialist today about his hip problem.  We thought he might need replacement but it appears that he is a candidate for a cortisone injection right to the site.  The surgeon said that this should take care of the problem.  It would be wonderful if it works.  Day surgery, no recovery time, immediate (hopefully) relief.

I took this photo from the studio door earlier today.  The sky is looking less like summer and more like winter.

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