Friday, October 4, 2013

Moose and Magazines

It is a bit dreary today but the trees still have much of their colour which brighten the bush if not the weather.  We had a moose on our driveway this morning.  It apparently wandered from our neighbour's property on its way to the wetland at the front of ours.  This area has been designated as wetland by the municipality but it is the driest wet I have seen.  There are areas that are a bit mushy but you can walk through without boots.  However, we don't care what the designation is, we aren't planning on doing anything with it.  Our home is situated about 300 feet from the road on a hill.  The wet land is on one side of the driveway for about 50 feet then shrubs take over and continue up the hill to the vegetable garden.  The other side of the driveway which is fairly close to the neighbour's property is bordered by small trees, raspberry canes and shrubs.  They wander up the drive and on to the pond at the back. All this naturalization provides a nice habitat for the wildlife that have called this area home for hundreds of years.

I have been trying to decide what to work on today.  I have a few (a few!) projects that need finishing so I am going to put the binding on a lap quilt and finish the border quilting on another.  I am also going to put some borders on a Christmas panel.  I have a book on making borders so I will use it to do something other than the usual strips. As I enjoy the process of making the main part of the top more than everything else, I really have to discipline myself to pay as much attention to the borders, quilting and binding.

Following is the info on getting 4 issues of a great on line quilt magazine.  Write down the code and group name then click on the link and follow the directions.  You do not need to belong to a group/guild to take advantage of the offer.

• Group Code: ABB13
• Group Name: QUILTER
• Please Note: This offer is for new TQPM subscribers only.
With this information ready, go to the website at and click the red pincushion.
Offer expires November 30th, 2013.

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