Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yummy Recipe from A Mouse

I trust everyone had a great weekend.  We enjoyed our Thanksgiving weekend with family on Saturday, church on Sunday and quilting friends on Monday.  Our quilt group decided not to have a regular meeting (rare occurrence) so I invited those who were interested to our place.  Three ladies came and we had a nice time, talking and sewing.  We went for a walk after lunch as the weather was so lovely. 
We had frost overnight so I think we are going to be getting to more normal temperatures this week.  I did hang out some laundry this morning but it may be the last time.  I have scheduled the task of finishing the yard chores for later in the day.
Here is  a recipe that I found and really like.  As you can see from the heading, it came from the EQ (Electric Quilt) blog.  I got their permission to pass it on to you as I really like it.  In fact, I will be making it again this week.  The instructions indicate that doubling the recipe works and I can vouch for that as does adding nuts and raisins. I used fresh rather than canned pumpkin.  Make sure to puree it first. This makes a great treat to share with  your quilt group or guild.  Perhaps you might like to add some dark chocolate chips for a  healthy and yummy extra.


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