Friday, October 25, 2013

Shaped Microwave Potholders

Shaped Microwave Potholders


Have you ever tried to take something from the microwave without burning your hands?  Most potholders are too bulky to make the task easy and often result in spills.

These fabric ‘bowls’ are the perfect solution.  Place the container inside the holder, microwave and then remove by holding the corner tabs.


These containers can easily be made to any size; just add 5” to the desired base size.  For example, if you would like the base to be 5” square, cut a 10” square of fabric.  One inch will be lost in the construction process and another four for the sides.




Fabric, batting and thread should all be 100% cotton.  Fabric should not have any metallic or glitter added to it.


For each holder, cut (2) 10” fabric squares and (2) 10” squares of batting.


Lay the batting squares on the table (keeping them together)  and place one fabric square face (right side) up on the batting.  Place the other fabric square on top of the first, face down.  Figure 1

Figure 1



Pin through all layers and sew around the edges leaving an opening to allow turning.

Slightly round the corners as you reach them.  Turn right side out.

Optional: sew a diagonal line from one corner to another and then from the other side to the opposite corner forming an X in the center of the square.

Measure 2 inches from each corner along the sides and mark.  Topstitch along each side from one mark to the next. Tuck in raw edges of the opening and continue stitching to close.

Figure 2


Pinch the two sides of one corner together and sew from mark to top of corner.  Fig. 2

Repeat for remaining corners. A hanger can be added if desired.

Container can be machine washed and dried.

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