Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yahoo Rant

I have just finished making three pies and now have half a dozen buns plus 4 loaves of bread in the oven.  Thursday is my baking day and I usually go all out.  Yesterday I made 2 large loaves of pumpkin bread from a recipe I got from a mouse.  This particular mouse is the EQ mascot and he? she? seems to be a great cook.  The ingredients include applesauce instead of oil and I really like both the flavour and texture.  I have asked permission to print it for you but you may be able to find it yourself if you go to their site (
Has anyone noticed a changed in  Yahoo mail recently.  They have, once again, changed their format.  I can no long use just black and white for the background so it is harder to see.  There isn't a place to click so that once I've logged in, I don't have to do that again for a couple of weeks.  Now, I have to log in every time.
I am not sure who advises them that all these changes are a good thing. It is we mature people who are the major users of e mail for communication.  The younger prefer twitter and other media. This being so you would think that they would recognize that change for the sake of change is not something that is tolerated by those of us who have lived through enough of it.
I have been sewing together a couple dozen or so half square triangles that I received in an exchange.  I am turning them into little blocks and flying geese.  It is a time filler but as I am not sure what project I want to do next, filling in time is okay.

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