Thursday, October 3, 2013

More Pictures

The following comment was sent from Bonni  regarding yesterday's post about getting free issues of the Quilt Pattern Magazine.  You have a chance to get 4 month's of this great publication without cost.  Just click my post for Oct. 2nd (past posts are listed on the right side of the page) and follow the information.  This is a time limited offer!!

"I'm not a writer for the magazine but am a subscriber and just wanted to jump in and say that there isn't another magazine that packs so many patterns into one magazine. If you decide to subscribe it's a GREAT price and you'll find they are approachable and willing to answer any questions you have about the patterns, etc."

I just made my first lot of jam today as well as some pickled coleslaw.  I woke up too early this morning so am tired.  I think I will sit outside and pick threads from a top that I 'unsewed'.
As promised, here are some more fall photos.

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