Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Another Quilt

I finally got another quilt loaded into my frame.  This one had been quilted some time ago but it was when I first got my frame so the stitching wasn't very good.  It took ages, as you can imagine, to remove all the stitches and thread.  Then it took ages again to decide what design to do.  I have finally decided on one that is called Renaissance.  I was thinking of doing freehand stars but chickened out.
It took my a while getting it loaded, thread tension checked and making sure everything was lined up correctly.  I usually stitch slowly at the beginning to make sure I have the feel of the pattern and that everything was working all right.  Double check, put needle down, press start button and sew.  That sounds doesn't seem right.  Turn everything off, check.  Forgot to put down the foot. Rats. Untangle the mess and restart.

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