Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cooking Aromas.

Evening Sky

I have a large pot of chili sauce simmering on the stove and another pot of tomato celery soup on the wood stove so the house smells nice.  The soup was made with all the bits and pieces left over from the chili sauce.  It will be nice to take to quilt group or for lunch at home.  Especially with some nice home made buns!
My husband is outside doing something with tires getting ready for winter.  He was chopping wood earlier and the sound made a nice back drop to my chopping and the whirring of the processor.
I took this photo earlier in the week from our back step.  Don't the clouds and trails make an interesting pattern.
Speaking of patterns, I have the free strip block loaded onto my web page now.  It is a download so you will be able to print it easily.
I am almost ready for the craft sale.  I found some stuff I had left over from last year so they will help to fill out the table.
And now I need a cup of tea.

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