Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More Charms

I bought another charm pack today.  I have purchased so many of those 5" squares lately that a person might be forgiven for thinking that I would have enough.  However, I have made two lap blankets and have another top; a double, half done plus a few squares sewn together for a baby or child blanket.  It is the double that needed more squares or, to be more accurate, more of the right colours.  I am not sure if this will be enough but I do have some fabric in my stash that I can use and a lady in our quilt group gave me some left over fabric.
I am looking forward to getting this top done as I really like the fabric.  Not sure how much time I am going to have this week as I have baking to do again tomorrow and am making some items for a craft sale.  I also need to get the quilt done that is in the frame so I can get the smaller ones in.  No matter how much time a person has, it never seems to be enough, does it.
Our snow has melted again as I thought it would.  It did look lovely while it was here.  I know it won't be long though before it will be here to stay.

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