Thursday, July 18, 2013

Picking Blueberries.

Yesterday, I went with a friend to a part of Ontario that I hadn't seen before.  Whitby is on the shore of Lake Ontario and we did take a short walk to the shore line despite the temperature.  It was so hot that I expected to see the boulders that divided the water from grass to be turning to lava.
It was just a quick trip, drive down, visit a friend and then head back.  I was home shortly after 5 exhausted but glad we had gone.  I hadn't seen my friend for a few years so it was nice to catch up on how she was doing.
It is slightly cooler today but not enough that you want to be running around.  We went out early this morning and picked our wild blueberries.  We got enough that they will be a nice addition to our winter jam supply  We really need a good rainfall as our raspberries are ripening but are quite small.
My husband and I drove to a community north of us this afternoon that has a small but well stocked fabric store.  Her prices are quite good so I try to get there as often as possible.  I got the backing I needed for a quilt and a nice panel to make into a crib quilt.  Once I get the fabric washed this evening I can start quilting my top.

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