Thursday, July 25, 2013

Left Brained Quilter

I have been trying to upload a photo today but haven't been successful.  Photo upload isn't working on any of the on line groups I belong to either.  Can't just be a yahoo problem because this blog is Google.
The picture was the latest block I have completed from the Vintage Tiles Revisited that I have been doing.   I will try again tomorrow.
I have started the binding on the quilt I just finished.  I will have to keep at it as I need to have it in the quilt store on Wed. so they can use it to advertise the class I am going to teach.
I read an odd thing today.  Not really odd, I guess, just something I hadn't thought of. The article was talking about how we can be right or left brain quilters.  The little test was to cross your arms and then re cross so a different hand/arm was on top.  Whichever way felt most comfortable indicated your dominate side.  Didn't work well for me as both felt okay.  I know that I am slightly left dominated although I am right handed.  I was born left handed and made to change when I started school.  Consequently, I can use both hands although I am not as proficient with the left.
Apparently, for those who are frame (long arm) quilters it is good to know which side is dominate as you will work better moving your machine in that direction.  Who knew?  Always something else to learn.


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