Friday, July 19, 2013

Morning Mist

What a lovely morning.  The air is fresh and cool.  There is a breeze blowing through the house and, outside, all the plants, birds and animals are taking a deep restoring breath.  We had a small thunderstorm last night that included a good amount of rain.  We have a severe thunderstorm watch for today but right now the sky looks overcast but not dark.
We went outside before breakfast and just walked around enjoying the coolness.  The sun was just starting to peek through the woods at the back of the property, burning off the mist and creating a chapel-like effect. 
My husband is outside now cleaning up the material left over from putting the stone work around the base of the studio addition.  I am tempted to bake bread but I'm not going to.  I have a quilt in the frame and I am going to get started on that.
I do have a turkey is the electric roast pan.  It will take all day to cook and will be ready for our weekend company. I have already got my housework finished so the rest of the day is mine.

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