Friday, July 5, 2013

Mystery Quilt Third Step

Well, yesterday was a fun day.  I spent the greater part of it sitting at my computer.  I was having trouble accessing one of my accounts and when I contacted the company, I found that my pc had been hacked. They had to set up another e mail account to use and then spent almost two hours cleaning everything out.  They had asked permission to take over my computer and then I was required to sit and watch what they did.  If I had to go to the bathroom, I let them know and they stopped.  This was to ensure that they didn't do anything other than what they were entitled to do.  It was quite interesting watching my cursor move around and thousands of files (there were over 7,000) being removed.
We were experiencing a bit of thunder activity at the time so I was hoping the hydro didn't go out.  It was all eventually done.  I now have a lifetime security system and free 24 hour tech service for 3 years.
I thought I had to remove my old e mail accounts and use the new one which caused a lot of panic and work.  I did, finally, contact them and was told that the old ones were okay to use.  I have, of course, changed all my passwords.  What a to do. My internet bill should now go down and faster service return.

Mystery Quilt  Step Three


On your design wall or table, lay out your first row of strips; triangle end at the bottom. NOTE:  Refer to Figure 1 for correct placement of triangles.

When you have the layout that pleases you, we are going to trim the non triangle end.

Trim strip # 1 to 8”, #2 & 3 to 5 ½”, #4 to 8”, 5 & 6 to 10”, 37 to 8”, #8&9 to 5 ½” and #10 to 8”

If you are using more than 10 strips across, continue trimming at 10”, 10, 8, 5 ½, 5 ½” etc.

2nd Row.  Line strips under first row.  When you have your desired layout, join the strips to the bottom (triangle end) of each strip in the first row. 



Figure 1


3rd and following rows, continue as for the second row until you have the desired length.

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