Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I don't know if I am a bit (bit!) stranger than other quilters but there have been times when I started sewing fabric together to make a pattern, decide I don't like it and took  them apart.  This is more likely to be the case with pre cuts rather than shapes I have cut for a specific pattern.
Sometime ago, I either was given or bought a couple packages of charm (5 inch) squares.  They sat in a drawer for quite a while.  I would periodically take them out move them around on my design wall and then put them away again.  I must have decided on something because when I opened the bag today, a number had been sewn together.  The reason I took another look at them is because I recently had a link sent to me that contained a video of  charm pack uses.  One was particularly attractive and quick.  All it takes is the charm packs and 2 and half inch white strips.
I have started unstitching the squares and sewing them into this pattern.  I quite like it so I think it will be the last stop for this lot of fabric.
If you would like to check the pattern, here is the link:

I am doing the Falling Charms pattern but there are a couple more ideas that you may also find interesting.

We are having a lovely breezy day.  The temperature is down 7 degrees and is wonderful.  I hope it sticks around for a while.

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