Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Little Salt

It is wonderfully cool today.  I got up early, exercised, had breakfast, watched the news and am now making bread.  I did bake when it was hot but it wasn't fun.  Today, it will be nice to put on the oven and enjoy the smells rather than just enduring.
I really need to get outside and do some gardening as well but I have got all enthused about this charm square pattern I started yesterday.  I have already thought of a couple of alternatives.
But, I must discipline myself.  Gardening now and fun later.  I have a rose that needs transplanting and if I don't do it, it will die.  I must also pull a few weeds.  I will just have to tell myself it is exercise.
Yesterday, I finished the top I have been working on.  Not sure I really like it as there isn't a lot of contrast but it is done and now I will get it loaded onto the frame and quilted.  I have it laying over the frame at the moment and I keep checking it because I know that as soon as it is all quilted, I will find a mistake.  I sometimes hang a top upside down to help me get a better look.  The mind is an odd thing.  It knows what it is supposed to see and that is what it tells you it sees.
As a writer, I often read sentences in reverse  to try and pick up errors.  I still don't catch them all but I do find some that way. The biggest errors are often wording which gives the wrong impression.  For example, if I had said ' read what I have written in reverse' you might have though I was writing backwards. That was my original statement.  A couple of rewrites makes my thoughts a bit clearer.  I hope.
All this makes you realize why the police take eye witness accounts with a grain of salt. 
(And now I must proof this before posting)

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