Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot.

Those of us in  Ontario are enduring another heat wave.  It is 33 degrees with the humidex being much higher.  My little dog is laying at my feet and when I move, she moves.  I am not sure if she is feeling in the need of comfort or what.  She doesn't seem to be hot but I think I will put a cool cloth on her paw pads just to make sure.
My husband let our baby chicks and turkeys out of the coop today.
They are in a shaded area with water to drink and are really enjoying themselves exploring the new area.  I have gone out to check on them a couple of time to make sure they are alright.  They are just a few weeks old and it is amazing how much they have grown.
I finished another top today and may get it in the frame and work on it this evening.  I will be away tomorrow but I can get the quilting started even if it is only deciding on the pattern and getting everything loaded.

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