Monday, July 8, 2013

Birds of a Feather

I don't usually post on Monday but, then, I am usually at quilt group.  I had planned on going to Orillia today with my husband but we decided it was silly for both of us to go.  I am staying home this morning as we can't leave Heidi all day.  I will go to quilt group after lunch.
I was awoken last night by a strange sound.  While I lay there it happened again.  Not sure just what it was but think it might have been something feline-bobcat?  Not a wolf, coyote or fox and not an owl (reasonable sure on the last one).  It cause Heidi to scurry to an open  window and sound the alarm.  That, naturally, woke up my husband who thought she needed to go out.  Took a few minutes for everything to settle down again.
This morning there wasn't any sign of any damage to the chicken coop so all is well.

This Handsome fellow is our guardian of the flock.  Roger calls him Stuart.  Not sure why. I think I would have gone with Reginald or something equally lofty.

Robins nest in the oddest places.  This one is on the arm of the outside mirror of our old bus/camper.  We think the eggs are hatched; or some of them anyway.  I didn't want to get close enough to startle her so this was taken at an odd angle with the telephoto lens.


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