Friday, March 1, 2013

The Magic of Colour

I learnt something new today.  My March issue of the Quilt Pattern Magazine arrived in my In Box this morning and I decided I would print the copy.  I usually download, read and then print the sections that are of particular interest.  This time, I decided to print the whole thing as I do like to take my quilt magazines to bed where I have time to read them thoroughly and I suspected I wasn't getting the full benefit of the QPM.
I set my printer up to do both sides of the paper and watched as the first sheet came out.  I knew I was getting low on ink so wanted to make sure I hadn't run out mid page.  I was just going to take a look at the sheet when it disappeared back into the printer.  I checked the on screen cartridge icon and it looked okay so I couldn't think what might have happened.   I heard the printer activate again and figured I would have the next sheet printed on top of the first.  Nope.  When the machine retracted the page, it automatically printed on the other side.  Neat feature.  I didn't have to keep checking so I would be ready to turn the pile of printed sheets and press the start button.
While my printer was magically doing its job, I decided to fill some bobbins.  I was able to get ten done before the printing finished so now I am ready to start work .  I am going to finish up some seasonal place mats so I can add another project to the completed side of the ledger.

I posted this quilt a few days ago and while doing so wondered what it would look like as a scrappy.  With the help of EQ, I changed all the reds to create a scrappy look.  It was interesting to see that the reds have moved back and the pastels taken the foreground.  Therefore, if you scrappied (is that a word) the pastels and kept all the red pieces the same, the reverse would happen.  Isn't fabric and colour wonderful?


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