Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Encouragement

Winter and Spring seem to be in a wrestling match to determine supremacy and, at the moment, winter is wining.  We are getting still more snow and, while it does look lovely, my appreciation for it is fading.  This year, I need the warmth so my quilt room can get finished. 
While I wait, I will continue to work on my unfinished projects so when all the hydro is hooked up I can get them quilted.
Sandi's Star quilt
I got an e mail from a lady I met originally through an on line group and then in person.  She wrote to tell me she had completed this quilt (sending a photo) from one of my free blocks.  What a thrill to see someone else's interpretation and how lovely of her to share.  It was and is such an encouragement.

She is now going on to make another of my patterns.  She wanted to make it in a different size and I am pleased to be able to adjust the instructions for her.

I am sure other designer's go through periods of wondering if the only person interested in their patterns is themselves so receiving feedback is like discovering a $20.00 bill in your coat pocket.

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