Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Day of Accomplishment

I feel like I have accomplished something today.  I have made bread-it is in the oven and started some sauerkraut.  I also completed writing the tulip pattern and it is now ready for editing.  Just have to make another sample block so I can include a photo.
I didn't feel like I was doing much extra work when my husband didn't have use of his left hand but, now that he is able to take over his tasks, I seem to have a lot more time. It is only just after two o'clock and I am now ready to take Heidi for a walk and then do some sewing.
It is snowing here again although the temperatures is above freezing.  The sap is flowing but not fast yet.  Roger is going to wait until the pails are full before gathering as it will be hard going through the snow.  Once the snow level drops down a bit it will be easier.
It is always nice when we have a fresh supply of the sweet stuff for our larder.  If we can sell a bit, that helps the bank account.
If you are Canadian, you will know Stompin' Tom Connors. He was a folk singer and I use that description in its original definition. He wrote and sang songs about real people and situations.  One of his most famous was about the game of hockey.  Tom died today and the country has lost a real patriot.

I thought you might like a reminder of spring time.  This is a red trillium.

Waiting for Spring

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