Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Day in the Country

My husband drove me into the village early this afternoon so I could go to the doctors and he could get the mail and do some odds and ends. As we were driving along, we saw a couple on the side of the road walking what appeared to be a couple of good sized dogs.  When we got closer, we realized the dogs were actually miniature ponies!  You never know what you are going to see when driving in the country.
We got a good bit of snow overnight but, as I mentioned yesterday, we decided to not get the driveway plowed as we are getting a warm spell on the weekend.  However, when we got home, we could see it had been done.  Our next door neighbour came over after doing his.  Our driveway is about 200 feet long with a hill so that wasn't a case of just popping over with a snow blower for 10 minutes.  The neighbour has a backhoe which is what he used.  A nice surprise.  They are good neighbours.

I've just finished designing another pattern and am quite pleased with it.  However, the right shade of fabric is crucial to the look so I am thinking of offering it as a kit.  I haven't done this before so will think on it for a bit.
What do you think of the idea?  If I do go this route, I am going to have to sell the pattern in a store as I don't want to get into shipping costs, packaging etc.

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