Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I had to replace my PC's monitor today.  We have been having problems with it for a while but this morning it quit working.  We have a shop in the village that does electronics so I called and asked if they had an old, working monitor.  They did so husband and I picked it up and now I am back in service.  The old one only cost $20.00, it weighs almost as much as my car and has the rounded screen but will do until I get a new one.
problem number two: The PVC (recording system) on the television has been malfunction so, after I go the computer working, I phoned Bell.  We reached this wonderful lady who is sending us a new system.  Not only is there no charge but the return postage for the old one is paid.  This is probably my first really positive interaction with Bell.
Have you checked out my latest pattern, Tulips on Point"?  It is on my web site: arkangelcreations.net for the low price of 9.00 which includes an alternate colour scheme and quilting suggestion.


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