Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring or Not

Spring seems to have changed its mind about arriving early.  It has been snowing since yesterday.  It is only a sprinkling of flakes but it has been steady.  The temperatures has also dropped back below freezing so I don't think I will put away my winter coat for a bit yet.
I learnt an interesting fact yesterday.  It takes10 cm of snow to equal 1 cm of rain.  Nice that nature works on the decimal system!
Speaking of, have you been watching any of the photos that Chris Hatfield has been taking from the International Space Station.  Breathtaking! Our little planet is a beautiful place.  I believe in Creation rather than the many other origin of life theories and these photos only serve to reinforce that belief.

I can't remember if I mentioned that I have started making my own yogurt and cheese.  I like the results of using milk but haven't been as successful with soy.  I am going to try goat milk next.  My husband is lactate intolerant but does seem to do all right with the goat cheese that I have bought.

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