Thursday, February 28, 2013

Midnight Storage Ideas

I was feeling a bit discouraged yesterday because, although it seems I have been cutting and sorting fabric for months, the pile of scraps didn't seem to have diminished. After a few minutes of moping and a restorative cup of tea, I realized that it was MY room and if it never got organized that was my prerogative.  That made me feel better and I went back to work.
I have come up with another idea that I think will suit me better than putting my strips and other precuts into labeled plastic bags. One of the drawers in my cutting table isn't very deep.  I am going to put dividers in it, label them and use it for all the strips, rectangles and squares. 
Another idea came to me during the night (do you think and dream about quilting all night?).  I have  pile of paper that is almost as high as the fabric.  It contains patterns cut from magazines, my own designs that I will make or have made some day, quilting ideas printed from the computer etc. etc.  Some could go in binders but what do you do with something that is only one sheet such as printable quilt labels.  My midnight eureka was to put them in labeled file folders and the folders in one of those desk top stand alone containers.  That is my project for today.  It will be interesting to see what is in the pile. I will take a photo of both ideas when I have dome them.
Our poor Heidi.  I mentioned yesterday that I slipped while out walking and our dog shepherded me back home.  Today, I slipped again.  (Don't tell my husband.  He might start looking at nursing home ads).  There was some ice on the floor that had fallen from the wood when it was brought in.  I stepped on it, slid and landed on the same knee as yesterday.  It could have been much worse than the previous fall as my head just missed the wood box.  Heidi came dashing out and licked my hand.  She stayed with me until I was able to stand and move around.  She got a bacon treat and I got a piece of chocolate!
We keep talking about putting a rug there to catch the drips and I think it is now going to be a priority.  In the meantime, we shall drop an old quilt there as the wood is being brought in.  I hope that is the last time, for a while anyway, that I am going to test the durability of that knee.

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  1. Hi Anna,

    I have huge storage and sorting problems too. Have you checked out Teresa at Fabric Therapy blog and look under her stash organization. I'm afraid I'm not as organized as she is but she has great ideas.
    Keep on blogging. Have a great day.