Friday, March 15, 2013

Take Your Fabric to Lunch

We did a quick trip to town this morning.  It was a bit nasty driving back as the wind was blowing quite hard and, combined with the snow, resulted in poor visibility.  However, now we are back home the sun is shining brightly as if to say 'you are back where you belong'. 
Now I have replaced the thimble that I lost, I can get back to my hand quilting.  I missed being able to do that and I am anxious to get the top done as it is my first attempt at doing everything without a machine.  I bought an extra thimble so I have a back up and am putting the supplies in a decorative tin so it should reduce the chance of anything getting misplaced.
I also bought some fabric to finish the border of a quilt and silver thread for the place mats I was doing.  So, I should be able to work without interruption for a bit.
We are going out tonight to a fund raising concert.  Because the village is small, it is hard for things such as rodeos, jamborees etc. to be self supporting.  Therefore, there are a lot of fund raisers to help out.  The local business people are always generous in providing things for prizes but I am sure it takes a big bite from their bottom line.
This year, we have a number of great events as part of the summer activities.  The rodeo returns for its second year,  as does the Chili Cook off. The RCMP musical ride will be making its first appearance and the Country Jamboree happens in August just before the fall fair. 
Now that we have a Chamber of Commerce and their web site, visitors will be able to access information on all the happenings.
Don't forget tomorrow is International Quilt Day.  Take your fabric out to lunch or at least off the shelf and turn it into something beautiful.

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