Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Place Mats 2013
I finished the set of pink/green place mats yesterday and started  quilting the seasonal ones.  It doesn't show in the photo but I have used silver thread in a meandering stitch over the picture.  I will do freehand stars also in the silver thread on the border.
It is cool-compared to last week-today but the sun is shining brightly so a good day to be in the quilt room.  I am gradually getting through my pile of unfinished projects.  I have given up on sorting fabric for a bit as that can get a bit mind numbing after a while.
I have also been working on my web site.  If you haven't checked it out for a while, take a look.  I uploaded a free applique block yesterday.  I am hoping to add a free pattern each week for a bit anyway so be sure to check in frequently.
My husband was cleaning out the chicken coop this morning.  This is the one where the flock that fell prey to the mink lived.  When he came back in, he said that there had been tracks around the other coop and they looked as though they might belong to a bobcat.  Definitely something from the cat family rather than fox or wolf.  I hope whatever it is, that they don't get the chickens but it is interesting to think of what is wander around at night.

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