Thursday, March 29, 2012

Frame Up

I have been busy doing non-quilty things this morning.  My follow up doctors appointment has been changed to this Friday so I had to zip in and get my blood work done today.  Since then I have been on the computer doing on some municipal stuff.  I think I mentioned that I have been working on getting an association started for the businesses in this area and it does look like it is happening.  I have been doing follow up e mails, looking at putting together a web site and other bits and pieces. It is almost lunch time now so after I have eaten, I will get back at the quilt that is on the frame.
I am making good progress on it and only have a couple more rows to do plus the outside border.  I am thinking of doing the border in a different pattern and thread colour although I am a little nervous about that decision.  The stitching has been going so well-consistent stitch lengths, no skipped stitches, that I am wondering if I should just stick with what I am doing.
Long arm quilting (short arm in my case) takes a lot of practice to get proficient.  I only have the basic gadgets, speed control and laser so have to rely on my skill and that is iffy at best.  However, there is a lot of satisfaction when it comes together. 
We had a very light sprinkling of snow this morning.  I have scattered some seeds around for the birds as they have been searching the ground for nibbly bits.

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