Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Last Storm?

The tornadoes that created such havoc in the United States swept through our area with high winds and snow.  The video that I have included shows our 80 foot trees behaving like a tiny sapling.  Some of the areas around us had power outages and our nephew's barn was lifted from its base but we got through without problem.  I did fill up some containers with water just in case but it wasn't needed.  Today, the sun is shining brightly and the only reminder of the storm is the snow which is still packed onto the tree trunks.  Tomorrow it is going to be plus nine.  I may not be posting for a day or so as I go for my surgery tomorrow.  I am just in and out again but may not feel up to writing until the anesthesia fully wears off.


  1. Hope all goes well with your surgery tomorrow. We had some snow and wind here in MN, but I think you had more wind than we did. Today was beautiful. I can't imagine the mess down South with the tornadoes, then snow on top of it. Very strange weather these past few months.
    Take Care, Anna.

  2. Hi anna,
    I just read about you in Quilters Connection magazine. I remember "talking" to you on the quilting forum provided by Connecting Threads. It was nice to see you again.
    I hope your surgery was successful.