Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Twitterpated Chipmunks

It is a grey day here in the backwoods but the little creatures are having fun.  The tiny chipmunks and red squirrels are darting everywhere from tree to woodpile, newly uncovered rock to the clothesline stoop.  Our dog Heidi, our protector of all things ferious, is on constant guard in case own tries to charge the house.
The tree trunks have turned a lighter grey as part of their preparations for spring and there is very little contrast between them and the sky.  The only bit of colour that I can see while sitting here at my computer is a yellow plastic but that is near the wood pile.
We have reached plus 5 this morning with warmer temperatures to come (here is your weather report, Grace).  In fact, it is predicted to go up to 18 before next weekend! 
I am wavering between wanting the warmer weather to arrive so it dries up the mud and dreading it because it heralds the start of the bug season.
There was a discussion on a chat group recently on what constitutes a scrap quilt.  One lady said she thought that the title belonged to projects that are made with what you have on hand and, with the exception of lights and darks, there wasn't much colour planning.  I agree with her.  I think a quilt can have a scrappy 'look' if  you specifically purchase the fabric but it isn't a true scrappy.  What do you think?  Is this another area where the quilt police have begun to make their presence known?

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