Friday, March 16, 2012


I expected to wake up this morning to see that our snow had left.  We had quite a lot of rain last night.  I am not sure how long it lasted but the volume was enough to, I thought, wash away the last foot of white that is still throughout the bush.  It did lessen by a few inches but there is still quite a bit remaining. And, of course, it is going to probably be June before the banks made by the snowplow leave.
My husband is boiling down some of the sap that he has gathered.  He doesn't have very much yet but, as the weather is supposed to stay warm for a bit, it has to be cooked. If not, it will go sour.
I have made three trips back to the cook sight already.  the first to take a thermos of tea and an apple. the second trip was to deliver lunch and the most recent involved his book, a granola bar and the gathering of eggs.  I have another to do in an hour for a final thermos of tea.
Our chickens have discovered that spring is on its way and they have come outside.  At first, it was just the big red ones who dared a little adventure but they were soon joined by the two little white biddies.
As soon as it is warm enough to clean the coop and do a bit of renovation work, we are getting 4 more hens and a rooster.  We hope to have a few fluffy bundles to raise. They should be ready to start producing by the time the initial  five hens  stop laying, go through their moult, lay a bit more and then quit completely.

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