Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Poor Me!

I just couldn't seem to get going this morning.  At ten o'clock, I will still sitting in front of the television in my night wear.  I had developed a bad case of the 'poor me's" and was wallowing in my mud puddle.  I finally dragged myself over to the computer and checked my e mail and opened a video sent by a friend.  What a reminder of how blessed I was.  The video featured a man who had been born without limbs and showed his influence on others. One line especially impressed me.  He said that you are not defeated until you quit trying to get up.
It was the reminder I needed.  I'm up, dressed, taken my patient and loving husband a cup of tea and done a bit of housework.  I then intended to write this and get at my quilting but the next e mail I opened was this months issue of the Quilt Pattern Magazine.  I had to check out the articles, look at the patterns and see what new product or procedure was being featured.  I have been following the series on big block quilts so will be going back to read that more thoroughly as well as the story about quilting in Wales.  Of course, I also took a quick peek at my own article just for the thrill of seeing my words in print.
It feels quite cool this morning so I have lit the wood stove.  We did have the furnace on but the heat from it never seems to be sufficient.  I guess because it isn't a constant.
I am just about ready to put a new quilt onto my frame so I am off to do that.
Hope you all have a wonderful day and have no mud puddles in your vicinity,

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