Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Natural Phenomenon

Natures Oddities
My husband is working on next year's wood supply and, when he cut open a log, he found this inside.  The center of the tree had rotted and these little seedlings had taken root and grown.  We are not sure what they are so we are going to save this piece of wood and see what happens.  Right now they look a bit like a fern.  I am guessing the seeds came from a bird, squirrel or perhaps a chipmunk.  I will let you know what results.
When I was going to quilt group yesterday, I came across another display of nature.  Eighteen turkey hens were crossing the road-single file, with a tom following.  The male had his tail feathers in full display showing off to any one who might have been interested; including me.  Once they had safely cleared the road, I continued on my way.
I imagine the birds are a bit confused by the warm weather.  I don't think they usually start the mating process this early but they are this year.  There were a pair of partridge doing their courtship dance on my sister's property on the weekend and the smaller birds are showing off their vocal skills.  I cut the dogs hair last week and spread the clippings around so they can be added to a nest.  They will make a cosy bed for some little fledglings.
In the quilting department; I am working on a quilt that will be nice for a boy.  I have it in the frame and four rows finished.  I have another waiting to get done as soon as this one is completed.  It is nice to feel inspired again.  I just didn't feel like quilting-other than the applique for the past few weeks.
It is a bit cooler today but I am going to plant some carrots and potatoes this afternoon and get the smaller two gardens ready for the more delicate plants.  It would be wonderful to get all this done before blackfly season.

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