Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding

If you are not a Royalist or a sentimentalist, you may want to skip today's blog.  In which case, I wish you a good weekend and we will see you again next week.
This morning, my husband an I joined the millions of others around the world to watch Prince William and Katherine's wedding.  We had planned a nice English breakfast but ended up having scones with jam which was our mid day menus.  It was too early to eat much and we both wanted to watch the television.  I am rather tired now as we got up earlier than usual but I am still glad we did.  It was quite an event.
Like many women, I was interested in seeing what hats the women where going to wear and, of course, the dress.  I think it-the dress, was less elaborate than I thought it might be.  It was, however, lovely and really suited her.
I also enjoyed listening to the commentators and the interviews with the various spectators.  The average person's reaction really adds to the fun.  The wedding service itself and all the pageantry was wonderful. the Queen as was forecast did wear a bright yellow which made her visible amidst all the other colours.  I believe her clothes are chosen with that in mind.  She is aware that people want to see her no matter what else is going on. 
I kept thinking of Katherine's parents while watching.  What an astounding day it must have been for them.  Their little girl that they had watched grow up and hoped would marry a nice young man and be happy was becoming part of the royal family.  I think they conducted themselves with dignity and they deserve credit for adapting themselves.  Mrs. Middleton, unlike the mother of most brides, did not get to have a central part in the proceedings.  And now, when in public, she will have to curtsy to her daughter!  I expect that not in her wildest dreams did she ever expect that day to happen.
Ah, well, back to my scrub board.
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  1. No Royal Wedding for me. Those fierce winds that tore through here on Thursday saw to that. No power. No telephone. Fortunately they were restored sooner than Hydro One predicted and I got to see The Dress this evening. It was lovely but I think the Maid of Honour's dress was even more spectacular. I think I'll make scones first thing tomorrow to make up for what I missed. I probably won't wear a hat though. :)