Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Photos

The birds were a little confused this morning as we have got a few more inches of snow. It started last night and, along with some ice pellets, has continued all morning.  A good day to make bread.
These little birds are some of the dozens where were scraping at the ground and gathering around the feeders looking for seeds.  I am glad that I filled them up the other day.  The bars you can see around the feeder is to discourage the deer.
The other photos are from my birthday party.  My husband and I were chatting with the piper while he took a bit of a break.  Heidi just wasn't sure of what to make of it all.  The final picture is some of my family.  My sister, Helen, from England is on the right with my brother and his wife on the left.  The tall fellow in the back is my son.


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