Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spinning Blocks

This is my latest pattern to be for sale on my web page.  It is not there just yet but should be by tomorrow.  I expect to have another free block either today or tomorrow as well and a contest announcement.
Lots of action going on. 
A couple of months ago, I was considering applying for a government grant available to small business people who live in the north.  When I looked at the application, I saw it only applied to those whose job was full time and realized I didn't qualify.  Now, when I think of the hours I do put in on the designing, making etc., I believe I may have misjudged my time commitment. 
Of course, I can stop to do other things if I wish and sometimes I do.  Tomorrow, I am going to Orillia to meet my sister who is here from England to visit her son's family and help me celebrate my birthday.  We wanted to have a bit of time for ourselves and my husband needs me to be gone so he can make some of his preperations for the big party.
He is still busy making maple syrup although I think he is just about finished.  We are going to have a nice stash this year.  I am trying to show my appreciation for all the hard work he is doing by making special meals.
It does look as though the weather is going to be nice today.  The predictions change everytime you look at the weather map.  Not sure why we blame the weather reporters for that. I have to do out and do spring dog clean up so a bit of sun makes that task more pleasant.  Glad I don't have to do the same for the deer droppings!

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