Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hopping Around

 Neither of these pictures are very clear as I took them through a window.  This little squirrel is perched on top of a dead tree trunk and enjoying the seeds he just stole from the bird feeder.
The other photo shows a woodpecker busily feasting on the suet we had on a tree near the driveway.
Both creatures were more concerned with food that me taking a picture but I didn't want to push their tolerance by going any closer to them.
Yesterday, we had a tom turkey in full strut.  His head was a bright blue (my husband said it was from holding its breath while puffing out its chest) and its wings were held away from its body much like a body builder who was showing off his physique.
With the exception of our friends the squirrel and woodpecker, all the creatures here in the backwoods seem to be intent on finding a mate.  The weather might not be spring like but the birds are behaving as though it is here.
Have you read about my contest yet?  All the details are on my web page. (See link on the right side of the blog.) The rules are simple and I have chosen some nice quilty stuff to be included in the prize basket.

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