Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gifts and a Contest

It is another lovely day here in the backwoods.  The sun is shining, geese are on the pond and I am in my quilt room.  Does life get any better? 
Thank you for all the lovely comments about my dear husband and my birthday party.  It is one of those events that has created a book full of memories.
I mentioned yesterday that I was going to tell you about my quilty gifts today.  The ladies in my quilt group gave me enough fabric (Thimbleberries, yahoo) to make a good sized quilt and all in my colours-deep blue, brown and beige.  I may use some of the beige in a applique wall hanging that is on my to do list.  I think the colour is just right for the background.
My sister, who lives in England, gave me some splendid English fabrics; again enough to make a quilt.  These prints, which are co ordinated,  consist of various sized flowers and I would rather not cut them into small pieces.   I have, therefore,  been mentally designing a pattern for them.  I have come up with overlapped, on point squares set in vertical rows separated by strips.  I am thinking of something like a Victorian wall paper look.  It will mean dealing with Y seams or I may  simply applique the square assembly. Cutting the fabric into smaller sections would be easier but I want to retain as much of the whole flowers as possible.
And now, for you, as a thank you for your encouragement and faithfulness; a preview of my contest.  You are going to be asked to  make a 12 1/2" shoo fly block.  But, I don't want you to just follow the pattern.  Use the shapes and put them together as you wish, use unusual fabric, make it as original as you can.
When finished, send me the block.  The winner will receive the blocks plus an additional prize.  There will also be a second and third place price.
All this information will be on my web page on Friday along with the pattern. All entries must be received by May 31st so put on your thinking cap. 

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