Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Favourite Scene

Roger and Heidi enjoying a break
 I promise today to not mention politics, the election or the royal wedding.  There isn't a ban, however, on quilting, fabric, the weather or my little dog.
I have been sorting through my clothes today.  This happens twice a year as I store ones seasons wardrobe and getting out the new.  I use this as an opportunity to get rid of anything that I didn't wear, that is stained or no longer fits.  I also weed out non-age appropriate clothing.  This is just my opinion but I think that as you say good bye to youth, you should also reconsider wearing short shorts, mini skirts and brief bathing suits.  If you are very trim, you may get away with  the youthful look but, and again, in my opinion, a bikini and varicose veins isn't the best fashion statement.  I find that I now feel more comfortable in blouses rather than T shirts when I go out.  Mind you, I still enjoy my T's at home.  I have almost 2 dozen of the things.
The side benefit of getting rid of clothes is that you have more room for new.  We quilters use the same principle with fabric.  I have been trying to make quilts with just the fabric I have on hand.  I've lessened the stash somewhat but my purchases (restrained though they may be) and birthday fabric has filled up a few bare spots.  Fabricland is holding another of their dratted 50% off sales so I have to go and take advantage of that.  I really like their line of M'Liss fabrics so will focus on them this time.
This photo shows one of my favourite scenes.  My husband was just taking a break from chopping wood and having an apple and cup of tea.  Our little Heidi loves sitting with him and looking down the road.  Sometimes, she will pop up on a chair beside him but her usual position is just as you see her in the picture. She loves being with Roger.
I think we are supposed to get rain showers later today so before that happens, I want to get some garlic and potatoes planted.
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