Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sounds of Spring

Spring sure is having a hard time getting settled in, isn't it?  A lot of our snow has left but there are still large patches throughout the bush and in our yard.  The maritime provinces have had yet another snow storm.  Still, it is getting warmer.  I wore my shoes to church on Sunday and also to quilt group.  However, boots are still are necessity here in the backwoods until the mud has dried.  It isn't as bad as other years but still there.
On Saturday, I got to hear one of my favourite sounds of spring.  I hung  a few items of laundry; towels, nightwear on the clothes line.  I didn't expect them to dry but I was looking forward to them smelling of the outdoors once again.  As I moved the line along to add another item, it squeaked.  This is a sound which, to me, means spring. 
I like hearing the geese and song birds but a creaking clothes line means that it is warm enough to quit using the dryer.   When I took the clothes in just before supper, much to my surprise, they were dry.  And smelling wonderfully.

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