Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Few More Hours

Are you going to be watching The Wedding?  We will be taping it and then watching after we get up.  We will be having an English breakfast, lunch and supper.  We have English muffins, I've made scones and bought sausages.  I also have my scarf with the union jack and a hat.I also have a huge union jack flag outside but that is always there as befitting my English birth. 
We have, of course, been watching all the news reports.  It is nice to have something to take your mind off the election mud slinging but, I think, everyone just likes to have a small part in an historic event.  With all the wars, weather destruction and general unhappiness in the world, the wedding has provided us all with something pleasant. 
I have been a royalist for as long as I can remember. I watched the Queen's coronation on television and had a scrap book of photos of her and the rest of the royal family.  Someone stole it  and, although that was years ago, it still irritates me.  I have seen the Queen on a number of occasions , Prince Philip once but none of the younger family members.  Perhaps I will have a chance to see Prince William and Katherine during their Canadian visit this summer.

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