Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quilty on Line Stuff

I have just ordered some products for my machine frame from an on-line store.  As the store is in the States, I am saving because of our dollar and because I didn't have to use my vehicle.  I am irritated that the Canadian stores are not lowering their prices for consumers.  It costs them less to purchase their inventory so they should be passing that on to shoppers.  I don't expect a big discount especially as the fuel prices are so high but a little something to encourage us to spend our dollars in our own country would be nice.
I am afraid that tourism is going to suffer this year unless our government does something to cap fuel cost.
The products I ordered are specifically for my frame so really couldn't have been bought anywhere else but I still feel bad.  I am getting a laser pointer and a new set of clamps that will hold the quilt more securely.  I have also ordered the new True Cut rulers.  The ladies in my local quilt group already got the 24" ruler and now some of them want the 12" one.  This ruler is a real step forward in tools.  It has a ledge that prevents the rotary cutter from slipping and cutting your hand instead of fabric.  It also has cut outs that let you see your fabric better and allows you to mark your fabric. 
While I wait for all this to arrive, I am working on a new quilt pattern.  Should have it ready to sell shortly.
And now, I am going to drag my boots back out of storage and take the dog for a walk.

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