Thursday, June 24, 2010

T and E

We managed to miss all the 'fun' yesterday.  The earthquake that shook much of Ontario, Quebec and into the states was active in our area as well.  A couple of neighbours asked if we felt it and we had to admit to not even being aware that there had been one.  Our home is secured into rock and I guess it is solid enough to withstand some shaking.  Nice to know.
Later in the day a tornado touched down south west of us and caused some damage but, thankfully no death or injuries.  I have never seen a tornado although I have lived in areas known to be targets.  I was living in Orillia when the devestating one went through Barrie and area.  I had friends who were affected.
Edmonton, my last home, was another area that had seen the horrendous effects of a tornado.  There were others in nearby communities that resulted in massive devestation and injury.
There were warnings today of severe thunderstorms with high winds but it seems to have missed us.  We never even lost our power although I did leave my computer off until the sky cleared up. Little Heidi was nervous and wanted to stay on my husband's lap as he watched the soccer game.  I guess she sensed the change in the atmosphere. 
I hope that all of you have remained safe and problem free during these most recent nature demonstrations.

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  1. yes the topic for most Canadians is the weather which is ever changing...I felt the tremor yesterday and had felt it about 10-12 years ago when we had one in Toronto before...I am so glad that you are missing this weather and your power it still up..we are fortunate